Friday, October 7, 2011

Milwaukee County Zoo (in Winter)

Last weekend we bought our first ever Milwaukee County Zoo Pass. We got the impression from previous random visits (hadn't been there in about four years) that the zoo was well-designed for winter as well as summer visits. We were not disappointed. Really the only downside aside from, yes it was rather chilly (about 20 degrees out), was that the signs in the outdoor viewing areas were caked with snow. We didn't know the details of what we were looking at. But it was still pleasant to walk around and see animals like these... DSC_2111 ...even if we didn't know *exactly* what they were called or where they were from. I could picture these as being from some place like Mongolia. The swans were breathtaking and the ducks and geese seemed in limitless supply. DSC_1986 This guy cracked us up. Is this how all the herbivores became extinct? DSC_2083 The indoor viewing areas were fabulous. We visited the primate house (where, believe it or not, there was a bridal show going on!), the big cats house and the aviary. Incredible!!! A penguin on timeout? DSC_2071 A thoughtful gorilla? DSC_1977 Checking out the cheetahs... DSC_2144 Everyone's favorite lion... DSC_2127

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